KABUL (SW) – The Ministry of Urban Development and Land on Saturday inked an agreement with a Qatari firm for the construction of a township in Kabul.

The Minister for MoUDL Mahmoud Karzai said at the signing ceremony of an agreement the construction of a residential town was an important step in providing housing to the needy. According to Karzai, the construction of this township sponsored by the Qatari government has been started by Al-Gharafah firm and would cost around $ 100 million.

Aziz Ahmad Gulistani, Deputy Minister of Urban Development and Lands, said the construction of the residential town on 32 jeribs of land with eight 12-story blocks having 768 apartments would be completed in one year.

He said the town would be funded by Qatar’s Al-Gharafa firm and would be distributed among the needy after a cabinet resolution.

Meanwhile, Economy Minister Karima Hamid Faryabi told the gathering that the construction of residential apartments would not only provide accommodation to the people, but also create job opportunities.

According to the figures by the Ministry of Urban Development and Lands, Afghanistan needs over 40,000 housing units a year.


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