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Students in 1st till 3rd class to study at mosques


KABUL (SW) – The Ministry of Education announced on Sunday that under the ministry’s new plan, all students in grades one through three will be educated in mosques.

As per the statement issued by the MoE, the aim behind this move is to include mosques in the education ecosystem. The Ministry of Education said the aim is to restructure the ministry and to give Islam a central place in the education system.

“In the first three years of education, going to the mosque will create a strong Islamic identity in students and highlight the focus of Islam for our students,” the ministry said in a statement.

The Ministry of Education described this as an “important and big” change in the field of education, and said that the implementation of these changes requires a wise and step-by-step plan.

It said that previously public education system was responsible for all primary and secondary education, but Islamic education section was only responsible for the management of Dar al-Hifaz and schools. According to the Ministry of Education, this segregation marginalized the position of Islam.

The Ministry of Education added that now, with the new changes, the new General Directorate of Islamic Education has been enriched in terms of competencies and responsibilities, and this directorate will have responsibilities and competencies for the entire educational services system from the 1st to the 12th grade.


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